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LA offices


Visual Identity

The Rudy’s team primary objective was supporting the blooming product business. We reverse engineered the existing products, Rudy’s 1–2–3 and pomades, to develop an identity system for future products. From there we designed upwards of twenty unique SKUs. This included point of purchase displays, bundle packaging for our partners at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, as well as all of the product packaging from concepting to final production.

Rudy’s partnered with designer Eric Trine to develop shower caddies for your beloved Rudy’s products. We were brought on to develop the packaging for the Shower Caddy and Lil’ Caddy. Highlighting the product itself and communicating the best ways to install the caddies. Already well aware of Eric Trine, we suggested to emphasize his creative roots by including some fresh insight into his personality and process. The interview feature really spiced up the interior of the paper wrap.